March 2013 United Kingdom winter storm

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March 2013 United Kingdom Blizzard
Snow in Cumbria after the March 22nd-23rd 2013 snow storm.jpg
Snow in Cumbria on the 23rd of March.
Formed15 March 2013 [1]
Dissipated25 March 2013 [2][3]
Lowest pressure970 mb (28.64 inHg)
Highest winds
  • 60mph average
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion48 in (120 cm) [4]
Areas affectedWales, Northern England, Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland

The March 2013 United Kingdom winter storm was an exceptional weather event that took place in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the night of 22–23 March 2013. Described as 'the worst snowfall for 30 years',[4] the event brought chaos to many parts of Northern England, Northern Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The worst places affected were North West England, North East Wales and Northern Ireland. Also accompanying the snow were very strong winds and very cold weather. At least two deaths were reported.[4]

Snowfall, winds and temperatures[edit]

Snowfall, strong winds and low temperatures were main features during the event.


Up to 4.0 ft (48 in) of snow was reported to have fallen in some places with up to 10 ft (120 in) drifts. 15 ft (180 in) drifts were reported in Lancashire. 1 ft (12 in) of snow fell even to low levels in parts of North East Wales.[4]


For many, the lowest daily maximum temperature of the month occurred on 24 March, just after the passing of the storm.[5] At Cairngorm, the maximum temperature on 24 March was only −8.8 °C (16.2 °F). However, this wasn't their coldest day of the month.[6]


Winds were very strong during the event; average wind speeds of up to 60mph were recorded in the worst-hit areas of north-west England, south-west Scotland and Northern Ireland. This led to widespread disruption.[4]


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