March Action

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March Action
Part of the Revolutions of 1917–23
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-K0105-0601-004, Märzkämpfe in Mitteldeutschland, Eisleben.jpg
Revolting workers discharged by police.
Date March, 1921
Location Germany

Communist Party

Communist Workers Party
Weimar Republic
March Action posters on the Plauen town hall

The March Action (German "März Aktion" or "Märzkämpfe in Mitteldeutschland" ("The March battles in Central Germany")[1] was a 1921 workers revolt, led by the Communist Party of Germany, the Communist Workers' Party of Germany, and other radical left-wing organisations. It took place in the industrial regions located in Halle, Leuna, Merseburg, and Mansfeld.[1] The revolt ended in defeat for the workers, and a weakening of contemporary communist influence in Germany.


Police troops occupied the communist stronghold that was the Halle-Merseburg district. This occupation led to the Communist Party to call for armed revolt. The revolt failed to gain support from those in other political parties, and soon fell to military defeat.[2]

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