March of the Soviet Tankmen

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March of the Soviet Tankmen (Russian: Марш советских танкистов, Marsh Sovetskikh Tankistov) is a military march composed in 1939 by the Pokrass brothers with lyrics by Laskin. It was commonly used as a Soviet propaganda song in World War II. The origin of the song was the movie "Tractorists" (1939).

Notable performers of the song include bass-baritone Pyotr Kirichek. In the movie, it was sung by Nikolai Kryuchkov and Boris Andreev.


Russian English translation

Броня крепка, и танки наши быстры,
И наши люди мужества полны
В строю стоят советские танкисты -
Своей великой Родины сыны.

Гремя огнём, сверкая блеском стали,
Пойдут машины в яростный поход,
Когда нас в бой пошлёт товарищ Сталин
И первый маршал в бой нас поведёт!

Заводов труд и труд колхозных пашен
Мы защитим, страну свою храня,
Ударной силой орудийных башен
И быстротой, и натиском огня!


Пусть помнит враг, укрывшийся в засаде:
Мы начеку, мы за врагом следим!
Чужой земли мы не хотим ни пяди
Но и своей вершка не отдадим!


А если к нам полезет враг матёрый,
Он будет бит повсюду и везде!
Тогда нажмут водители стартёры
И по лесам, по сопкам, по воде...


The armour (of our tanks) is hard and our tanks are fast,
And our men are full of courage
The Soviet tankmen are ready for action—
Sons of their Great Motherland.

Thundering with fire, glinting with steel,
The tanks will begin a harsh campaign
When we're called to battle by Comrade Stalin
And the First Marshal will lead us in this battle!

In keeping our country, we guard
The work of factories and farms
By power of our gun turrets
By our fastness and pressure of fire.

Let's enemy, who hidden in ambush, remember
We watch for him, we are on guard.
We want not a foot of foreign land,
But we will not give up an inch of our own land.


But if the enemy attacks us,
We will beat him everywhere,
Tankdrivers will start engines
And drive by forests, mountains and even on water.


During the Krushchev years, the last two lines of the chorus were revised to remove mention of Joseph Stalin:

Когда суровый час войны настанет
И нас в атаку Родина пошлёт.

These lines were revised again, and are now more commonly sung as:

Когда нас в бой пошлёт страна родная
И первый маршал в бой нас поведёт.

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