Marche Verte

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Marche Verte
Morocco - Air Force Mudry CAP-232 Bakema-1.jpg
Marche Verte CAP 232
Active 1988 – present
Country Morocco
Branch Moroccan Air Force.png Royal Moroccan Air Force
Role Aerobatic flight display team
Size 7 Aircraft
Colours Red, Yellow, Green
Aircraft flown
Trainer Avions Mudry & Cie CAP 232
Transport CASA CN-235.
The Marche Verte
Royal Moroccan Air Force CASA CN-235, support aircraft of the Marche Verte

Marche Verte (English: Green March) is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Royal Moroccan Air Force and the official aerobatic team of Morocco. Named for the 1975 "Green March", the team was formed in 1988 when French pilot Jean-Pierre Otelli was tasked with establishing an aerobatic team. Initially, the team consisted of only two planes. In the course of time this was increased to seven.

For aerobatic display purposes the team uses the French built trainer Avions Mudry & Cie CAP 232. The support plane is a twin-turbo-prop CASA CN-235.


  • 7 Avions Mudry & Cie CAP 232
  • 1 CASA CN-235

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