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Marchex, Inc.
IndustryDigital marketing, Call tracking
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington, United States
Key people
  • Michael Arends (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Ethan Caldwell (Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary)
  • Gary NafusChief Revenue Officer
  • Marchex Call Analytics
  • Marchex Call Marketplace
  • Marchex Call Analytics for Search
Number of employees

Marchex, Inc. is a Seattle-based public company, founded in 2003, with just under 300 employees. Marchex operates search, display, and call advertising analytics[1].


In October 2000, an internet-based company named Go2Net Inc. merged with another company named InfoSpace Inc.[2] It was a $1.5 billion deal that set the stage for the formation of Marchex, a start-up company whose founders were all former Go2Net executives. John Keister, Ethan Caldwell, and Peter Christothoulou were part of the Go2Net team that founded Marchex, led by a fourth member, Go2Net's founder and the former CEO of Marchex, Russell Horowitz. In January 2003, the four formed Marchex, Inc. Each member of the founding team assumed executive responsibilities at the new start-up.

Marchex’s IPO was filed in December 2003 and the company has made several acquisitions since its founding.[3]

In February 2015, Russell Horowitz stepped down as CEO while remaining active on the board of directors. Peter Christothoulou, co-founder of Marchex, Inc., was announced as Horowitz’s replacement.[4]

In October 2016, both CEO Pete Christothoulou and Board Chairman Clark Kokich resigned from the company. The company is now led by an "interim office of the CEO" headed up by Anne Devereux-Mills, a Marchex board member since 2006.[5]

Board of directors[edit]

As of October 2016, the board of directors at Marchex is:

  • Anne Devereux-Mills – Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Nicholas Hanauer – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Dennis Cline – Director
  • Ian Morris – Director
  • M. Wayne Wisehart – Director



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