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Marchigiana in Italy.

The Marchigiana is a breed of cattle native to Italy. Originating specifically in the Marche region, the Marchigiana is a large breed kept for beef today. Prior to the 1950s, it was also bred for draft work as oxen.[1]

The Marchigiana was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by crossing native Podolian cattle with the Chianina and Romagnola breeds.[1] Today, it still bears a close confirmational resemblance to the Chianina, though it is not as tall.[2] Marchigiana cattle make up 45% of the beef herd in Italy and have been exported internationally to the United States and elsewhere.[1] The cattle are fast-maturing, horned, and have a short white/grey coat. They occasionally exhibit double muscling.[1]

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