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Marcia Wilbur
Anaheim, CA
Pen nameaicra
Years active2000–present
Rares Marian (m. 2001–2007)

Marcia Wilbur is an American writer, activist, free software and free speech advocate, poet, maker,[1] linux-elitist,[2] author of[3] DMCA,[4] a Decade Under the DMCA[5] and in 2009 a book about a decade of the DMCA.[6]


Marcia was contributing editor for Suite 101 in the Computing Life section from 1999 through 2002 where she wrote articles relating to computing and computer law. Editor for DMOZ copyright section 2001-2002. In 2000 she participated in Openlaw DVD discuss. She assisted Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society through participation and in writing an amicus curae for the 2600 v. MPAA case. As an intern for the Free Software Foundation and a Committee Member of the Digital Speech Project there, she worked with various members in an effort to promote free speech. She has written articles for Binary Freedom, System Toolbox, and STC Phoenix Rough Draft.[7] In 2003, she volunteered for EFF and IPJustice. At the EFF under the direction of Cory Doctorow, she drafted a DMCA FAQ for the EFF DMCA blog. This FAQ ultimately lead to the book - A Decade of the DMCA.[6] In 2008, Marcia spoke at the Last Hope. The presentation was given a similar title: A Decade Under the DMCA.[8]


In 2000, she attended the first DMCA protest in Washington D.C. and maintained the first DMCA protest site,[9] to inform the public about the law, current cases and impact on society. This site is no longer maintained.

Education and Work[edit]

She was educated at Three Rivers College in Norwich, Connecticut in computer science and Arizona State University in Technical Communications. In Spring semester 2000, Marcia enrolled at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. There she took two courses - Intellectual Property in Cyberspace and Violence Against Women. She attended the conference - "Signal or Noise: The future of music on the net" as part of the curricula. In the same timeframe, she was on freenode IRC and a regular member of the /. channel (#slashot).

In May 2008, Marcia received a MS in Technology from Arizona State University. Wilbur worked at Microchip Technology for four years, one as a QA consultant in IS and three years full-time in the SMTD (Security, Microcontroller, and Technology Development Division) Department. In 2008, she led training for several Chandler High Schools interested in Robotics competitions, specifically FIRST Robotics. In 2009, she voluntarily terminated her employment with Microchip and worked for eight years as a professor.

She is the lead Debian developer and backup Ubuntu developer for Linux Respin.[10] The March 2018 edition of Linux Journal[11] featured this project.

In 2014, she became the interim Copper Linux User Group president. She is heavily involved in the East Valley Maker Community leading regular Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Banana Pi/Pro and ESP8266 Projects including home automation, gaming consoles, surveillance, network, multimedia and other "pi fun".[12]

Volunteer and Public Services[edit]

  • 1990-1991 Scottsdale Community College Senator for Math and Science
  • 1998 Arizona State University ASASU Senator for the college of engineering and applied sciences
  • 1998 Volunteer IEEE Computer Science Library
  • 2000- 2004 Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society[13]
  • 2002-2003 Intern Free Software Foundation
  • 2003 Volunteer IP Justice
  • 2003 Volunteer Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • 2012 Apache Foundation
  • 2013 Free Culture Trust[14]
  • 2014 W3C WebID[15]
  • 2014-2016 Copper Linux User Group Interim President[12]




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