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Marcin Jakubowski founded Open Source Ecology (OSE) in 2003.[1] In the final year of his doctoral thesis at the University of Wisconsin, he had the feeling that his career field was too closed off from the world's problems, and he wanted to go a different way. After graduation, he devoted himself entirely to OSE.

Jakubowski is an advocate of open source hardware - particularly open source agriculture.[2][3]

OSE made it to the world stage in 2011 when Jakubowski presented his Global Village Construction Set TED Talk.[4] Shortly after, the GVCS won Make magazine's Green Project Contest. The Internet blogs Gizmodo and Grist produced detailed features on OSE. Jakubowski has since become a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow (2012) and TED Senior Fellow (2012).


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Marcin and Catarina Mota were married December 27, 2013 at Grand Central Station in New York City.