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Theo Jörgensmann and Marcin Oles in Budapest, Concert Hall Ship A 38, September 2006

Marcin Oles (born 1973 in Sosnowiec, Poland) is a jazz and free improvisation bass player, composer and record producer. He is the twin brother of Bartlomiej Oles.

Since his first recording in 2000 he continuously (with his Twin brother Bartlomiej Brat Oles) he has cooperated and performed with musicians such as Theo Jörgensmann, David Murray, William Parker, Herb Robertson, Ken Vandermark, Hamid Drake, Chris Speed, Erik Friedlander a.o.
In 2003 Marcin Oles became a founding member of the Trio Oles Jörgensmann Oles with his brother Bartlomiej and German clarinet-player Theo Jörgensmann. The last album of this Trio, titled Directions was voted by internet jazz magazine "Diapazon" from Poland as "The Best Recording Of The Year 2005".

He won the individual prize for bass player and drummer at The International Contest Jazz Juniors 99 in Krakow-Poland (1999). He also won the best double bass player of Jazz Nad Odra in Wroclaw-Poland (1999)


  • Bartlomiej Oles Shadows with Kenny Werner (2006)
  • Marcin Oles Walk Songs with Chris Speed, Simon Nabatow and Bartlomiej Oles (2006)
  • Oles Jörgensmann Oles Directions (2005)
  • M. Oles B. Oles Chamber Quintet with Erik Friedlander, Michael Rabinowitz and Emanuelle Somer (2005)
  • Ken Vandermark feat. Oles brothers Ideas (2005)
  • Oles Jörgensmann Oles Miniatures (2003)
  • Oles Murray Oles Circles-live in Cracow (2003)
  • Marcin Oles Ornette on bass solo (2003)
  • Oles Trzaska Oles Mikro Music (2002)
  • Oles Mahall Tiberian Oles Contemporary Quartet (2002)
  • Andrzy Przybielski & Custom Trio Live (2001)
  • Oles Pieronczyk Oles Gray Days (2001)
  • Custom Trio Mr.Nobody (1999)

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