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Marco Arati (181? - 1899) was an Italian operatic bass active during the 1840s through the 1880s. Although he occasionally appeared at other opera houses in Italy, he was primarily committed to the Teatro di San Carlo where he sang roles for more than four decades. Even though he was one of the preeminent singers of his day, there is little known about his life.


The exact place and date of Arati's birth is unknown, although it is likely that he was born somewhere between 1814-1819. He made his professional opera debut at the Teatro di San Carlo in 1841 in a production of Teodulo Mabellini's Rolla. He sang in numerous world premieres at the Teatro di San Carlo during his career, most notably the roles of Andrea Cornaro in Gaetano Donizetti's Caterina Cornaro (1844), Alvaro in Giuseppe Verdi's Alzira (1845), Old Orazio in Saverio Mercadante's Orazi e Curiazi (1846), Callistene in Donizetti's Poliuto (1848), Wurm in Verdi's Luisa Miller (1849), Marco in Mercadante's Virginia (1866), and Filippo Augusto in Donizetti's Gabriella di Vergy (1869). His last known opera appearance was at the Teatro di San Carlo in 1882 as Indra in Jules Massenet's Le roi de Lahore. He died in 1899.[1]

World premieres[edit]


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