Marco Aurelio Severino

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Marco Aurelio Severino

Marco Aurelio Severino (November, 1580 – July 12, 1656) was an Italian surgeon and anatomist.


Severino was born in Tarsia (Calabria, Italy), of Giovanni Jacopo Severino, a lawyer. He died of plague in 1656 in Naples.

Adept of the atomist views of Democritus, he disregarded Aristotle. He met Tommaso Campanella and corresponded with William Harvey and Thomas Bartholin. He was familiar of the works of scientists of the antiquity like Galen and Lactantius.

He also was the author of a book called The philosophy of chess (La filosofia degli scacchi).

La filosofia overo il perche degli scacchi, 1690


Besides his brilliant career as a surgeon and professor, his works present an ambiguous aspect. He includes mystic speculations, and his work attempts to coincide with his religious beliefs.

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Severino gave us a list of his printed works and manuscripts, which is made up of nine parts and extends on four pages. It can be found in a 1653 edition Therapeuta Neapolitanus : Nomenclator meletematum et diatribarum Severini, p. PP29, at Google Books.

This list can also be consulted on

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