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Marco Bizzarri
Marco Bizzarri.jpg
Marco Bizzarri in 2018
Born19 August 1962
Years active1986 – present
TitlePresident and CEO of Gucci
Board member ofKering Executive Committee

Marco Bizzarri (born 19 August 1962 in Reggio Emilia, Italy) is an Italian businessman, President and CEO of Gucci since January 2015.[1] He previously was the President and CEO of Stella McCartney (2005-2009) and Bottega Veneta (2009-2014), and joined Kering’s Executive Committee in 2012.


Early career[edit]

Marco Bizzarri started his career as a consultant at the financial advisory firm Accenture in 1986. In 1993, he joined the Bologna-based Mandarina Duck group, and later became CEO of the group. In 2004, he became general manager of the designer brand Marithé et François Girbaud.[2][3]

CEO of Kering’s brands[edit]

In 2005, Marco Bizzarri was named CEO of Stella McCartney.[2][3] Under his management, the company turned a profit for the first time in 2007.[4] He developed a lifestyle-oriented brand and drove its international development, including the opening of a store in Japan in 2008.[5]

In January 2009, Marco Bizzarri became the president and CEO of Bottega Veneta.[6] Amid a global economic downturn, he rapidly changed the distribution of the brand, repositioning it in Europe, and worked on a less conservative buying, thus relieving financial stress and enabling new investments.[7] In 4 years, alongside creative director Tomas Maier, Marco Bizzarri maintained Bottega Veneta’s edge for Italian-made leather craftsmanship,[8] drove growth in Asia,[9] opened a flagship store in Milan,[10] and new eco-friendly headquarters in Vicenza.[11] In 2012, Bottega Veneta’s sales reached the $1 billion mark.[12]

In 2012, Marco Bizzarri became a member of the Executive Committee of Kering.[13]

In April 2014, Marco Bizzarri was named CEO of Kering’s newly-created Couture and Leather Goods division, directly supervising most of Kering’s luxury brands.[14][15]

Head of Gucci[edit]

In December 2014, Kering named Marco Bizzarri CEO of its flagship luxury brand Gucci.[1] His first move was to name a 12-year Gucci member of the creative team, Alessandro Michele, creative director of the brand,[16] who successfully managed to renew the brand’s proposition and popularity with a «geek chic» approach.[17]

Credited for the quick turnaround of Gucci's profitability,[18] Marco Bizzarri stopped the brand's markdown policy,[19] favored cross-gendered collections and unified fashion shows[20] and banned the use of fur by the brand.[21] Gucci also amplified its digital strategy to grow its customer-base on social networks.[22]

In 2016, Gucci's sales rose 13% to €4.38 billion,[23] and in 2017, sales rose 45% to €6.21 billion.[24]


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