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Marco Antonio Carmona Araiza (born August 9, 1987) is a Mexican artist, illustrator and animator.

Marco Carmona was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Carmona's father taught him how to draw and paint during Carmona's childhood and later on, he joined the Casa de Cultura in the borough Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Querétaro, where he continued his studies under the tutelage of artist Ernesto Zavala. In his later teens Carmona moved to Canada to study Visual Arts and Design and joined Vancouver Film School to become a 2D animator, and during his studies in Canada, he became student of artist Jay Senetchko, who taught him different principles and techniques of art composition and oil painting. Some of Carmona's paintings and drawings were shown in different expositions in the city of Querétaro, and at the 2008 Unspoken Art Exhibition in Vancouver, BC, which donates its benefits to charity.

Carmona's student short film "Dance", was chosen to participate in the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY- pronounced nifty), held annually in Seattle, Washington. Carmona has also worked as an animator and concept artist for several studios in Mexico, including Diez y Media and Cru de Ladies studios and as a flash animator, illustrator, and storyboard artist for clients and studios worldwide. Carmona has also been known to compose trip hop and other styles of electronic music as a hobby.

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