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Marco Di Meco
Background information
Birth nameMarco Andrea Giuseppe Di Meco
Born(1982-02-05)February 5, 1982
Chieti, Italy
Occupation(s)Flutist, composer, record producer
Years active2010-present
LabelsWide Sound, TuneCore

Marco Di Meco (born February 5, 1982 in Chieti) is an Italian flute player, composer, music producer and writer.


His interest in music began with a traditional musical instrument handed down to him by his paternal grandmother.[1] He then decided to study the transverse flute and after a year of private study, he was admitted to the "L. D'Annunzio" Academy of Music in Pescara where he studied the instrument with Sandro Carbone and obtained a diploma. In the same year he began his career as a solo artist playing W.A. Mozart's KV313 concert.[2]

During his military service he played the flute in the band of the Livorno Naval Academy. He then continued his music studies at the Swiss-Italian Music Academy in Lugano with Mario Ancillotti where he obtained a diploma in "Interpretation and Performance". At this time he began to write his first verses. He completed his studies at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome with Angelo Persichilli.[2]

He gained important experience playing in symphonic orchestras with illustrious conductors such as Luis Bacalov,[3] Lu Jia, Giorgio Bernasconi, Bruno Tommaso and others playing in many concert hall in Europe. He has attended several workshops of Afro-American music organized by the Columbia College Chicago and the Berklee College of Music.

On November 2013 he signed with Wide Sound[4] label to record his first album 5 Colori[5] as a solo artist. This album was followed by the album Rosalinda[6] released in 2015 for the same label.[7] He is present in the 10 best Italian jazz flutists rewarded by JAZZIT Awards 2015.[8]

As well as his activity in the field of music he is also very active in the literary sphere as a writer of poetry.[9][10] He started writing poetry during military service.[11]

In April 2016 has been released new studio album Lucilla[12][13] for Wide Sound distributed by I.R.D International.[14][15] The album enters the charts in France.[16]

In February 2018 he published the album "Against capitalism Première Symphonie".[17] In this work a new form of musical writing is explored which he calls a hybrid form.[18] In fact, different and distant musical genres are present within the three tracks, such as dodecaphonic music, R&b and swing.[19] In November 2018 he published the plaquette of poetry "Rime" (GEDI Gruppo Editoriale).[20]

He has recorded pieces for several radio and television broadcasting companies like RAI,[21] RAISAT[22] and RSI.


He has been influenced in music by artists such as Bill Evans, Sun Ra, Cannonball Adderley, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Smith,[23] Frank Zappa, John Surman.[18]



  • 2016 – Armonia Applicata-Gli Accordi, Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, Roma
  • 2017 - Notes for a Symphony, ISBN 978-88-92327-53-5

Poetic Works[edit]



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