Marco Di Meco

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Marco Di Meco
Background information
Birth name Marco Andrea Giuseppe Di Meco
Born (1982-02-05)February 5, 1982
Chieti, Italy
Genres Jazz
Occupation(s) Flutist, composer, record producer
Instruments Flute
Years active 2010-present
Labels Wide Sound, TuneCore

Marco Di Meco (born in Chieti on February 5, 1982) is an Italian flute player, composer, music producer and writer.


His interest in music began with a traditional musical instrument handed down to him by his paternal grandmother.[1] He then decided to study the transverse flute and after a year of private study, he was admitted to the "L. D'Annunzio" Academy of Music in Pescara where he studied the instrument with Sandro Carbone and obtained a diploma. In the same year he began his career as a solo artist playing W.A. Mozart's KV313 concert.[2]

During his military service he played the flute in the band of the Livorno Naval Academy. He then continued his music studies at the Swiss-Italian Music Academy in Lugano with Mario Ancillotti where he obtained a diploma in "Interpretation and Performance". At this time he began to write his first verses. He completed his studies at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome with Angelo Persichilli.[2]

He gained important experience playing in symphonic orchestras with illustrious conductors such as Luis Bacalov,[3] Lu Jia, Giorgio Bernasconi, Bruno Tommaso and others playing in many concert hall in Europe. He has attended several workshops of Afro-American music organized by the Columbia College Chicago and the Berklee College of Music.

On November 2013 he signed with Wide Sound[4] label to record his first album 5 Colori[5] as a solo artist. This album was followed by the album Rosalinda[6] released in 2015 for the same label.[7] He is present in the 10 best Italian jazz flutists rewarded by JAZZIT Awards 2015.[8]

As well as his activity in the field of music he is also very active in the literary sphere as a writer of poetry.[9][10] He started writing poetry during military service.[11]

In April 2016 has been released new studio album Lucilla[12] [13] for Wide Sound distributed by I.R.D International.[14] [15] The album enters the charts in France. [16]

In February 2018 he published the album "Against capitalism Première Symphonie".[17] In this work a new form of musical writing is explored which he calls a hybrid form. [18] In fact, different and distant musical genres are present within the three tracks, such as dodecaphonic music, R&b and swing. [19]

He has recorded pieces for several radio and television broadcasting companies like RAI[20], RAISAT[21] and RSI.


He has been influenced in music by artists such as Bill Evans, Sun Ra, Cannonball Adderley, Anthony Braxton, Jimmy Smith[22], Frank Zappa, John Surman[18].



  • 2016 – Armonia Applicata-Gli Accordi, Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, Roma
  • 2017 - Notes for a Symphony, ISBN 978-88-92327-53-5

Poetic Works[edit]



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