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Invernizzi demonstrates bonsai styling techniques on a Japanese Larch.

Marco Invernizzi (born November 7th 1975) is an award-winning Italian bonsai artist and design consultant recognized internationally as a bonsai master.[1]

Invernizzi was born and raised, in Milan, Italy, and studied art and design at the elite Istituto d’Arte Beato Angelico.[2] He became interested in bonsai after seeing the film The Karate Kid Part III ("Karate kid III - la sfida finale," released in Italy 24 Aug 1989);[3] he was struck by the scene where Mr. Miyagi "explained that the sense of life is expressed through a beautiful bonsai."[4] In 1991 he began working with Milan bonsai artist Salvatore Liporace, with whom he studied for five years. In 1997 he completed a college degree in Graphic Design and Industrial Design, then moved to Japan to begin a three-year apprenticeship under bonsai master Masahiko Kimura.[2] He was Master Kimura's first non-Japanese student but he did not complete his apprenticeship.[4]

Since 2000, Invernizzi has been touring internationally conducting bonsai workshops and demonstrations, including as headline demonstrator at a number of high-profile bonsai exhibitions. He demonstrated at conventions for African Bonsai (2006 Cape Town, SA), joint American Bonsai Society-Bonsai Clubs International (2004 St. Louis, MO), Association of Australian Bonsai Clubs (2007 Melbourne), Bonsai Clubs International (2007 San Juan, Puerto Rico), BonsaiAutumn (2008 Olten, Switzerland), Brussels Bonsai Rendezvous (2011 Olive Branch, MS), European Bonsai Association (2000 Arco, Trentino, Italy; 2002 Trévarez, France; 2004 San Marino; 2006 Castle Ksiaz, Walbrzych, Poland), Golden State Bonsai Federation (2004 Santa Rosa, CA; 2005 Anaheim, CA), MidAtlantic Bonsai Societies (2006 East Hanover, NJ), Pacific Northwest Bonsai Association (2012 Vancouver, WA), Unione Bonsaisti Italiani (2010 San Marino), U.S. National Bonsai (2010 Rochester, NY), and World Bonsai Friendship Federation (2005 Washington, D.C.).[5] He published a book in 2003 on his training in Japan, Vado in Giappone sulla via dei bonsai (Going to Japan on the Bonsai Trail), and has published articles in bonsai periodicals throughout the world. His work has won Best in Show at the Italian Bonsai Exhibition and the Ginkgo Bonsai Award, as well the Crespi Bonsai Cup.[2]


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