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Marco Mincoff (1909-1987) Shakespearean scholar and professor of English Studies at the University of Sofia.

Mincoff was born July 15 (28), 1909 in Chamkorya (now Samokov, Bulgaria). With a Humboldt grant he completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Berlin in 1933. From 1951 to 1974 he was head of the department of English at the University of Sofia. Over the years, teaching courses in grammar, phonetics, stylistics and the history of English literature, he wrote various textbooks and monographs. However his main subject was English Renaissance drama, on which he wrote numerous articles. His work earned him recognition and he became a member of the editorial boards of Shakespeare Survey, Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Studies, and a few other learned journals. In 1966 the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham awarded him an honorary title. A commemorative volume containing some biographical material and facsimile reproductions of twenty five of his papers appeared on the occasion of the hundredth year of his birth in 2009.[1]


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