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Marconi Research Centre

Marconi Research Centre is the former name of the current BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Laboratories facility at Great Baddow in Essex, United Kingdom. Under its earlier name, research at this site spanned military and civilian technology covering the full range of products offered by GEC-Marconi, including radio, radar, telecommunications, mechatronics and microelectronics.

Having expanded to a new factory at the New Street Works in 1912, the centre was originally built by the Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company to bring together their various radio, television and telephony research teams in a single location, opened in 1936 as the Marconi Research Laboratory.[1] As the electronics industry developed the campus expanded during the 1940s and 1950s to include research into radar, general physics, high voltage, vacuum physics and semiconductors.[1] At its peak the Centre employed more than 1,200 engineers, technicians, craftsmen and support staff.[citation needed] It was also home to the Marconi Company's museum containing numerous original artifacts from the pioneering period of Guglielmo Marconi's work on wireless telegraphy.[2]

Chain Home antenna tower

The site still includes a prominent local landmark, a 360-foot (110 m)-high (110 m) former Chain Home radar tower visible across the surrounding countryside.[3]

Notable Marconi Research employees and scientists[edit]


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