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Marcos TSO
Body and chassis
ClassSports car (S)
Body stylecoupe
Engine5.7 Litre V8
Transmission6-speed manual
Wheelbase2,280 mm (90 in)
Length4,020 mm (158 in)
Width1,680 mm (66 in)
Height1,150 mm (45 in)

The Marcos TSO is a sports car manufactured between 2004 and 2007 by Marcos. It features a Chevrolet V8 engine in either 350 bhp (260 kW) or 400 bhp (300 kW) versions. The car's components were CAD designed in England, while chassis engineering has been done by Prodrive.

Also in 2004, the 5.7-litre Chevrolet Corvette (LS1) V8 TSO GT was announced, but solely for the Australian market. It was joined in 2005 by the GT2 for the European market.

In 2006 Marcos announced the TSO GTC, a modified version of the current TSO with a racing suspension, racing brakes and a rear diffuser. The car continues on with its Chevrolet-sourced 420 bhp (310 kW) V8, but there is also a 462 bhp (345 kW) Performance Pack available as well. With the extra power from the Performance Pack the TSO GTC accelerates to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.1 seconds and to 100 mph (160 km/h) in 8.5 seconds. With the bigger brakes, 340 mm AP Racing brakes, the TSO GTC delivers a 0-100-0 time of 12.9 seconds. With the extra power, its 50 to 70 mph (110 km/h) time is just 2.1 seconds. Top speed is over 185 mph (298 km/h).

Marcos Engineering Ltd went into administration on 9 October 2007,[1] production was only 5 or 6 road cars plus some incomplete.


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