Marcus (son of Basiliscus)

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Augustus of the Eastern Roman Empire
Solidus Basiliscus et Marcus.jpg
Solidus of Emperor Marcus with his father Basiliscus.
Co-Emperor of the Roman Empire (With Basiliscus)
Reign 475 – August 476
Predecessor Zeno, deposed
Successor Zeno, restored
Co-emperor Basiliscus
Western Emperors Julius Nepos (475–476)
Romulus Augustulus (475–476)
Died winter 476–477
Full name
Flavius Marcus
Regnal name
Imperator Caesar Flavius Marcus Augustus
House House of Leo

Marcus (Latin: Flavius Marcus Augustus) (died August 476) was the son of the East Roman or Byzantine general and usurper Basiliscus and Zenonis. He was acclaimed Caesar in 475 and later promoted to Augustus, ruling as junior co-emperor to his father. Coins were issued in his and Leo II's names. When Zeno reoccupied Constantinople in late August 476, Marcus, with his parents, took refuge in a church. Zeno promised not to spill their blood, so he exiled them to Limnae in Cappadocia and subsequently starved them to death.

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