Marcus Asinius Agrippa

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For other with this surname, see Agrippa (disambiguation).

Marcus Asinius Agrippa was a Roman consul in 25 AD,[1] and died at the end of the following year, 26 AD.[2] He was also the half-brother of Drusus Julius Caesar, the natural son of the Emperor Tiberius. According to Tacitus, he was descended from a family more illustrious than ancient, and did not disgrace it by his mode of life, although he mentions no specifics.[3] He was the grandson of Gaius Asinius Pollio, the second son of Gaius Asinius Gallus and Vipsania Agrippina (after Gaius Asinius Pollio), and the father of Marcus Asinius Marcellus, who was consul in 54 along with Marcus Acilius Aviola, at the time the Emperor Claudius died.[4]


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