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Marcus Barone is a motion picture music executive, supervisor, composer, publisher and studio musician.


Mark or "Marcus" Barone was raised in Smithtown, New York. He was educated at the State University of New York, Hartt College of Music and University of Southern California in Los Angeles. His parents were Enrico Barone, a clothier in New York City and Marina Rita Barone a political activist / organizer, and a department store Interior Decorator in New York City and Smithown, NY. His very musical parents met while they were both taking singing and piano lessons.

Marcus would spend partial summers with his sister, Ms. Marina Van, who as a resident of Manhattan and East Hampton NY, was married to Bobby Van, pianist and saloon owner of Bobby Van's Restaurant in Bridgehampton, New York. [2] [3] Marcus grew up surrounded by, and would occasionally play piano for the various Southern writers who congregated around the keyboard at Bobby's. Authors such as Irwin Shaw, Truman Capote, Willie Morris, Winston Groom, John Knowles, and James Jones. Also Budd Schulberg and George Plimpton would occasionally drop by to have a listen. [4]

Studio Musician[edit]

In New York City, in the early 1980s, Marcus became a successful recording industry studio musician and arranger (keyboards and synthesizer programming), playing on a variety of hit recordings.[1]

After relocating to Los Angeles California in 1985, he continued as a studio musician for most major labels specifically CBS Records , now Sony BMG Records, and wrote several theme songs for Paramount Television

Motion Picture Music Executive and Supervisor[edit]

In 1992, after scoring music for motion pictures, he switched to a business emphasis and became Director of Music and Music Supervisor at Motion Picture Corporation of America / Columbia TriStar in Los Angeles. Marcus worked on commercially released feature films including Dumb and Dumber, Behind Enemy Lines, HISSS and Gang Related [5]

In 1998, he became Executive in Charge of Music at Orion Pictures working further on commercially released feature films.[2]

The Directors he has worked with include The Farelly Brothers, Joe Mantegna as director, Kevin Spacey as director, Dennis Dugan, George Hickenlooper, and Jennifer Lynch.

Since 2003, Barone operates Film Music Group/First International Pictures, a Motion Picture Music Supervision, Investment, Soundtrack, and Production Company in Los Angeles with clients including Universal, Dreamworks Records, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount, ABC, NBC, MTV, CW Network, The WB Network, Warner Brothers VOD, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures , HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, and the A&E Networks.


He continues as a musician co-owning two state of the art digital recording studios both in Los Angeles and in partnership in Redwood City, CA, in Silicon Valley and in Auburn, CA. In 2005, he performed and won 4 Gold and Platinum Awards for the band {Lifehouse}. He also performed on the {Matt Nathanson} album. Both artists are on {Universal Records}

As a BMI composer and songwriter, his music publishers are MGM Pictures Music, Sony ATV Music Publishing (Sony Pictures) and Famous Music (Paramount).


As a musician, recording producer and a film music supervisor, he travels the world extensively working with recording artists, film TV, music and entertainment partners in the UK, most of Europe, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.


Marcus Barone is married to Kristin Pickett Barone, a singer, dancer, stage actress, voice over and radio broadcast reporter. They have two children born in Ventura, California.


Marcus has lectured at UCLA, University of San Francisco, Dolby Labs, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, A. E. S. Conventions, Hollywood Film Festival, McGeorge School of Law, Pyramind , San Francisco, West Coast Songwriters Conventions, [ASCAP] Convention ; The Turner Classic Movies Composers' Expo and Symposium, [6]; Summerjam -Sundance Utah Seminar 2009, Palo Alto High School Seminar (NARAS), Hartt College of Music, and Canadian Songwriter Challenge of Prince Edward Island [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]




  • White Room " (J Bruce, P, Brown) by Kristin Pickett (Single) Warner Chapell "Junction" (2015) Motion Picture Soundtrack Producer
  • "Genevieve Mariko Wilson (Universal UK 2012-13) Writer, Logic Arranger, Musician, Editor
  • "Bela Vida" UK Universal Records (2012) -Arranger Producer
  • "Hisss" Motion Picture Soundtrack (album) (Orchard, Sony, 2011/LP)-Soundtrack Producer
  • Before The Rains Motion Picture Soundtrack (album) (Lakeshore, Sony 2007/LP)-Soundtrack Producer
  • Man In The Chair" Motion Picture Soundtrack (album) (Lakeshore, Sony 2009/LP)-Soundtrack Producer
  • Matt Nathanson "Beneath These Fireworks" (album) (Universal 2003/LP)- Conductor
  • Lifehouse" Stanley Climbfall (album) (DreamWorks 2002/LP)-Keyboards, Arranger, Conductor
  • Lifehouse" No Name Face (album) (DreamWorks 2001/LP)-Keyboards, Arranger, Conductor
  • Dumb and Dumber" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (album) (BMG)-Prep Pro Music Supervisor
  • If Lucy Fell" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (Sony, LP)-Music Suprvisor
  • Biodome" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (Priority, LP)-Orch Co Ordinator
  • Gang Related" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (Koch, 2009/LP)-Executive In Charge of Music
  • Beverly Hills Ninja" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (Capitol /LP)-Executive In Charge Of Music
  • Kingpin" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (A&M LP)-Executive In Charge Of Music
  • Ringmaster" (album) Motion Picture Soundtrack (A&M LP)-Music Supervisor
  • "Uphill" by C.O.D. "(R&B Single) from the "Year of The Dragon" Motion Picture Soundtrack (MGM /LP)-Arranger, Keyboards
  • La Tanya "What About You" (R&B Single) (Polygram)-Arranger, Keyboards
  • Jackson Claypool" (album ) ( Curb)-Arranger, piano and Keyboards
  • Ava Cherry "Picture Me" (Album) ( Sony)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • Lonesome Romeos" (album ) ( Curb)- Piano and Keyboards
  • Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston "If You say My Eyes Are Beautiful" " (Single ) ( Arista)-String arranger, keyboards
  • Isle Of Man (album) (Pasha-Sony)- Keyboards, arranger, programmer,drums
  • Jon Butcher "Wishes" (album) ( Capitol,1987 / LP )- Keyboard programmer
  • Quiet Riot "The Wild And The Young" (Rock Single ) ( Pasha-Sony )-Keyboard and Programmer
  • "All Night Passion" by Alisha "(Club Single) (BMG)- Keyboards
  • Sharon Red "Never Give You Up" "(Club Single) ( Prelude)-Keyboards
  • Robey" One Night In Bangkok / Paris Paree" (Singles) (Chrysalis)- Keyboards, arranger, programmer,drums
  • "I Am What I Am" from La Cage A Folles" by Gloria Gaynor "(Club Version/Single) ( Silverblue Sony)-Arranger, Keyboards
  • Gloria Gaynor"I Am Gloria Gaynor" "(album) ( Sony)-Arranger, Keyboards, piano, drums
  • "Because They're Young" by Human League " (single) ( A&M)- keyboards and programmer
  • Lou Reed "New Sensations " (album) (BMG)- Emulator sampler programmer
  • David Hasselhoff "Knight Rocker" (album) (Sony)- Keyboards, arranger, programmer,drums
  • David Hasselhoff "Stay" (Single) (EMI)- Keyboards, arranger, programmer,drums
  • David Hasselhoff "Loving Feelings" (album) (Sony)- Keyboards, arranger, programmer,drums
  • "Body Rock"by Alan George (Club Single ) (Warner Brothers)- Keyboards, Programmer
  • Lee Prentiss " (Club Single ) (BMG)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • "Solo" by John Robie, Mark Berry and Marcus Barone (Club Hip Hop Single ) ( Atlantic)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • "Dance To The Music" by Junior Byron" (R&B Single ) ( Vanguard)-Programmer and Keyboards
  • "Doctor's Order's" by Megan" (Club Single ) ( Atlantic)- Producer and Keyboards
  • "Two Sisters" by Two Sisters (Hip Hop Album ) ( Sugarscoop)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • "Get The Money" by Valerie Oliver (Club Single ) ( Cyclops)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • Risque (Club Single ) ( Polygram)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • Brenda Jones (R&B Single ) ( Columbia)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • Bonnie Foreman (Club Single ) ( Sony)-Arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • Savage Lover" by The Ring (Album) ( Vanguard)-Producer, writer, arranger, programmer, and Keyboards
  • The Players Association (Album ) ( Vanguard)-Programmer and Keyboards
  • Frisky (Album) (Vanguard)- Programmer and Keyboards
  • Mike Mandel "Sky Music" (Jazz Album ) ( Vanguard, LP)- Programmer, Keyboards