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Marcus Bleasdale (born 1968) is a British photojournalist, born in the UK to an Irish family.

Life and career[edit]

Bleasdale has covered the conflict within the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1998, which was published in his first book One Hundred Years of Darkness. His second book, The Rape of a Nation, addressed the issues of the conflict being fuelled by natural resource exploration and was awarded the Best Photography Book Award in 2009 by Pictures of the Year International in the USA.[1]

His work on human rights and conflict has been exhibited at the United States Senate,[2] US House of Representatives,[citation needed] The United Nations[3] and the Houses of Parliament in the UK.[4]

He works regularly with Human Rights Watch, Médecins Sans Frontières and other NGOs to highlight health and human rights issues in several countries. He works to cover issues underreported by mainstream media. In 2007, Human Rights Watch and the Open Society Institute awarded Bleasdale a grant to continue his work on justice and accountability in the DRC.

Bleasdale has been one of the few journalists covering the conflict in Central African Republic in 2013/14, documenting the violence for Human Rights Watch alongside their Director of Emergencies, Peter Bouckaert. This has been covered by many publications and news channels, including National Geographic.[5]

He has had his work published in the UK, Europe and the USA in Sunday Times Magazine,[6] The Telegraph Magazine,[7] GEO,[8] The New Yorker,[9] Time,[10] Newsweek,[11] National Geographic,[12] Stern,[13] Le Monde,[14] The New York Times,[15] Rolling Stone,[citation needed] Mother Jones (Masthead Photographer),[16] Aftenposten[17] and Die Zeit.[18]

Bleasdale is currently studying for an MSt in International Relations at Cambridge University whilst still documenting human rights issues around the world. He lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife Karin Beate.




Charities and fundraising projects[edit]

Bleasdale has worked with charities and fundraising projects, including Human Rights Watch,[49] UNICEF,[50] Médecins Sans Frontières,[51] Saint Kizito Orphanage[52] in the DRC and Bleasdale is an Enough Project Fellow.[citation needed]


  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) starring Ben Stiller. Included photographs by Bleasdale and members of VII Photo.[53]
  • A Thousand Times Goodnight (2013) starring Juliet Binoche. Bleasdale was an advisor and had photographs included.[54][55]


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