Marcus Caeionius Silvanus

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Marcus Caeionius Silvanus (120 or 125 – after 156) (???) was a Consul of Rome in 156.

He was the ancestor of (Marcus) Caeionius Varus (225 or 230 – after 285), PUR in 284 and 295, married to (Rufia C.f. Procula) (b. 235) - perhaps daughter of Caius Rufius C.f. Proculus (200 or 205 – after 236), Cur. Oper. in 236, and wife (Publilia) (b. 220), sister of (Caius Rufius Festus) (b. 235 or 240), (c.v. of Volsinii) and maternal niece of (Lucius Publilius) (b. 225), in turn perhaps the father of Lucius Publilius Volusianus, Suffect Consul of Rome at the end of the 3rd century.

His son and daughter in law were perhaps the parents of (Marcus) Caeionius Proculus, Suffect Consul of Rome in 289, of C. Nummia Caeionia Umbria Rufia Albina, of Caeionia Marina (b. 260), married to Crepereius Amantius, and Caius Caeionius Rufius Volusianus, Consul of Rome in February, 311 and March, 314, etc.


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