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Marcus Valerius Messala Corvinus is a fictional character in a series of historical detective novels by the Scottish author David Wishart.

Corvinus (he goes by his cognomen) is of a noble Roman family, living in the reign of the Emperor Tiberius. He has turned his back on the cursus honorum, preferring a quiet private life with his wife, Rufia Perilla, the scholarly, beautiful stepdaughter of the poet Ovid.

Corvinus' main activity is solving mysteries and crimes. He met his wife when she contacted him to investigate the circumstances surrounding the exile and death of her stepfather, and has crossed paths with the Imperial family on several occasions. He was instrumental in the fall of Sejanus, acting on posthumous instructions from a member of the Imperial family.

Although he is happiest in Rome, Corvinus travels frequently. He has been up and down Italy, and has spent years in Athens, particularly in the days surrounding the death of Sejanus. He and Rufia are childless, a source of sorrow to them, but have adopted a daughter, the child of a man who was executed for crimes uncovered by Corvinus.

Marcus Corvinus books[edit]

  • Ovid (1995)
  • Germanicus (1997)
  • The Lydian Baker (1998)
  • Sejanus (1998)
  • Old Bones (2000)
  • Last Rites (2001)
  • White Murder (2002)
  • A Vote for Murder (2003)
  • Parthian Shot (2004)
  • Food for the Fishes (2005)
  • In at the Death (2007)
  • Illegally Dead (2008)
  • Bodies Politic (2010)
  • Finished Business (2014)
  • Trade Secrets (2015)