Marcus Dods (theologian born 1786)

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Marcus Dods, D.D. (1786–1838) was a Scottish minister and theological writer.


Dods was born near Gifford in East Lothian, and educated at Edinburgh. In 1810 he was ordained presbyterian minister at Belford, Northumberland, where he remained for the rest of his life. A monument to Dods erected at Belford bore an inscription written by Professor Maclagan, D.D.


A leading contributor to the Edinburgh Christian Instructor under the editorship of Andrew Mitchell Thomson, he wrote a critique on the views of Edward Irving on the incarnation of Christ (January 1830). Irving wrote a letter to Dods, stating that he had not read his paper, but inviting him to correspond with him on the subject. Dods published his views at length in a work entitled On the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, the second edition of which appeared after his death with a recommendatory notice by Thomas Chalmers.



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