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Marcus Eli Ravage (Revici) (June 25, 1884, Bârlad, Romania – October 6, 1965 Grasse, France) was a Jewish American immigrant writer who wrote many books and articles about immigration in America and Europe between the world wars. Best known for his autobiographical book An American in the Making (1917), he is also known for his 1928 satirical article, "A Real Case Against the Jews," which the Nazi German propaganda ministry and others down to the present have used as evidence that the world is dominated by Jewish conspirators.[1] He was also a biographer of the Rothschild family as well as of Napoleon's second wife Marie Louise.

His articles "A real case against the Jews" and "Commissary to the Gentiles", published in the January and February 1928 issues of Century Magazine were apparently translated as "a devastating admission" first in the Czernowitz Allgemeine Zeitung on September 2, 1933. It was then re-translated as A voice in the wilderness; Jewish rabbi on Hitler's anti-Semitism by Right Cause in Chicago.[2]


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  • Christopher Clausen, "Grandfathers," in My Life with President Kennedy (University of Iowa Press, 1994).

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