Marcus Greatwood

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Marcus Greatwood
Apnea Walk.jpg
Born (1973-03-18) 18 March 1973 (age 44)
United Kingdom
Occupation Free-diver, Freedive Coach, Lecturer

Marcus Greatwood (born 18 March 1973) is a British freediving coach. Although an international coach he is most noted for his inception and development of "NT Style" Freediving, based on relaxation and breathing techniques (1st published in 2008). He has coached many athletes, setting 12 National records in all of the AIDA recognised disciplines [1]. He has personally held several UK records in depth apnea free-diving disciplines recognized by AIDA International [2]. His Club Freediving (NoTanx) based in London is now the largest group of freedivers in the UK has grown exponentially since 2001 to having 7 weekly pool sessions with 80+ active members. All training is split into Yin and Yang, with an emphasis placed on Yin (soft, slow & internal).

International Coach[edit]

Marcus was coach for Herbert Nitsch from 2006 - 2008, including his No Limits dive to 214m and 2 Constant Weight World Records. Marcus has recently coached relative newcomer and rising UK star Alan Barber to a Dynamic No Fins record of 127m [3] and several Dynamic Records culminating in the 2009 record of 202m.

Marcus also coached Sam Still (Former world Freediving champion) [4] as well as a group of other athletes from the NoTanx Stable. In 2012 15 club members featured in the top 10 of their National Rankings [5]

Innovations in freediving[edit]

Marcus worked closely with World Record holder and founder of AIDA International Loïc Leferme from 2001 helping to develop the Lanyard and techniques that have become integral parts of competitive freediving. Loic's concept of relaxation and enjoyment was inspirational and Instrumental in the NTStyle. Psychological emphasised and correctly constructed training regiemes devised by Marcus were innovations within the sport in 2003-4. ("Principles of correct training") [Deep Freediving, ISBN 978-0-9567326-0-6]. He became a student and advocate of Aharon Solomons in 2002 and keeps close ties him, quoting him as a mentor and inspiration [6].

"Competitive" freediver[edit]

Marcus is an international freediver in his own right. He set his first 2 UK records, Free Immersion -47m and Constant weight No fins -25m, in NDAC in 2003. [7] and bettered the Free Immersion to 50m in 2004.[8]. In 2007 he was ranked 13 in the World. He started competing again in 2010 [9] although his competitive dives are marked by his reluctance to take them seriously [10]

Relaxation therapist[edit]

Building on the NT Style freediving, Marcus teaches derivatives of the techniques to a huge range of people. Through seminars, small group tutorials and one to one coaching he shows that efficient brain function and relaxation have benefits throughout life. [11]

Marcus claims that his techniques have been used for: SCUBA diving (extended dive time), General sports (focus and relaxation), Exam preparation (stress control).