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Marcus Julius Alexander (16 - 44 CE), the son of Alexander the Alabarch and brother of Tiberius Julius Alexander, was a distinguished and wealthy Alexandrian Jewish merchant.[1]

Ancestry and Family[edit]

Marcus was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Marcus was born as the second son to Alexander the Alabarch, a wealthy Jewish aristocrat. His older brother was Tiberius Julius Alexander. His paternal uncle was the exegete and philosopher Philo.

He came from an aristocratic family who lived in Alexandria for generations. His ancestors and family were contemporaries to the rule of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the rule of the Seleucid Empire. Marcus came from a family who were noble, honourable and wealthy. It was either his paternal grandfather or paternal great grandfather who was granted Roman citizenship from Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. His ancestors and family had social ties and connections to the Priesthood in Judea; Hasmonean Dynasty; Herodian Dynasty and Julio-Claudian dynasty in Rome.[citation needed]

Marcus along with his brother received a thorough education. They were educated in the Egyptian, Jewish, Greek and Roman cultures, particularly in the traditions of Judaism, the study of the Tanakh and in Greek Philosophy.


Marcus’ father and Herodian King Agrippa I were long-time friends. Agrippa I, to give something back to Alexander the Alabarch, who supported Agrippa I in the past, arranged for his daughter Berenice to marry Marcus in 41. This marriage was short lived as Marcus died before August 44. Marcus had no children with Berenice. Berenice’s father later arranged for her to marry her paternal uncle Herod of Chalcis.


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