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Marcus Junius C. f. M. n. Silanus (c.26 BC – 37)[1] was an Ancient Roman senator who became suffect consul in 15.[2] His daughter Junia Claudilla was the first wife of Emperor Caligula.[2] His brother was a senator named Decimus Junius Silanus who was banished for having an affair with Vipsania Julia during the reign of Augustus.[2] According to Ronald Syme, he had another brother, Gaius Junius Silanus, the consul of AD 10. His father's name was also Gaius Junius Silanus.[3]

Ancient historians considered Marcus Silanus a highly respected man. When Tiberius came to power, if a judicial decision made by Silanus were appealed to the emperor, Tiberius invariably rejected the appeal, trusting Silanus' decision, and sent the case back to him.[2][4] He also had the honor of casting the first vote in the Senate,[1] and Silanus successfully talked Tiberius into recalling the banishment of his brother Decimus.[2]

In 33, his daughter Junia Claudilla married Caligula.[2][5] She died in 36[6] or early 37[7] but according to Philo, Silanus continued to treat Caligula as his own son.[8] In November or December of 37, Caligula had him executed for unclear reasons. Suetonius claims he plotted against Caligula [9] while Philo and other sources claim the emperor was simply annoyed by him.[1][8]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Sextus Pompeius,
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Suffect consul of the Roman Empire
with Drusus Julius Caesar
Succeeded by
Sisenna Statilius Taurus,
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