Marcus Lollius Paulinus Decimus Valerius Asiaticus Saturninus

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Marcus Lollius Paulinus[1] Decimus Valerius Asiaticus Saturninus[2] (69/70 – after 134) was a prominent[3] Roman Senator who was a powerful figure in the second half of the 1st century and first half of the 2nd century.[2]

Family Background & Early Life[edit]

Saturninus was of Allobrogian and Roman ancestry. He was the son of the Decimus Valerius Asiaticus[2] from his wife Vitellia,[4] the daughter of the Roman emperor Vitellius from his wife Galeria Fundana.[4] His father served as a Legatus of Gallia Belgica,[2] he later became the Roman governor of that province[4] in the reign of the Roman emperor Nero.[5] The father of Saturninus, became powerful through wealth and the skilful exploitation of imperial patronage.[5]

The family of his father were originally from Vienna,[4] Gallia Narbonensis. Saturninus was a direct descendant of the consul, Roman Senator Decimus Valerius Asiaticus[3] and his wife Lollia Saturnina,[6] whose younger sister Lollia Paulina was a Roman empress and the third wife of the Roman emperor Caligula.[7] Saturninus was a grandson[2][8] to Decimus Valerius Asiaticus and Lollia Saturnina. The name of Saturninus reveals paternally he is related to the gens, Valeria, Lollia and gens, Volusia.

When Vespasian became Roman emperor in second half of 69, Asiaticus was appointment for a consulship in 70.[4] Before he could serve his consulship in early 70, Asiaticus died.[9] Asiaticus was survived by Vitellia and their son.[2] Later in 70, Vespasian arranged Vitellia to remarry another unnamed groom.[9] Her second marriage was a splendid match for her and Vespasian provided for her, the dowry and clothing.[9] Although he was born in Vienna, he was raised in Rome. Little is known on early life.

Political career[edit]

Saturninus started his political career in the reign of the Roman emperor Domitian who ruled from 81 til 96. He served as a Triumvir Monetalis; was a board member of the Salius collinus and the Pontiff.[10] Between the years about 85 to 90 he served as a Quaestor and Praetor.[11][10] Saturninus served as a suffect consul in 93[12][13] or in 94.[10]

Saturninus served as a Proconsul of Asia in 108 to 109.[10] From the years 124 til 134, he served as a Praefectus urbi in Rome.[3][10] In 125, he served again as a consul.[3] During his political career in the first half of the second century, he was friends with the Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian.

Marriage and Issue[edit]

Saturninus married as his wife, the noblewoman Valeria Catulla Messallina[14][10] who came from a family of consular rank.[14] Messallina bore Asiaticus a son called Decimus Valerius Taurus Catullus Messallinus Asiaticus.[14][10]


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