Marcus Lurius

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Marcus Lurius was a 1st-century BC Roman admiral. Lurius is best known for holding an important command in the Battle of Actium.

Around 40 BC Marcus Lurius, as governor of Sardinia, fought off an invasion of the island led by Menas, an admiral serving under Sextus Pompey (son of Pompey the Great) who ruled Sicily at the time. However Menas returned later and turned the tables on Lurius, defeating him in battle and forcing him to abandon Sardinia.[1]

In 31 BC at the pivotal naval Battle of Actium (September 2) Octavian entrusted Lurius with command of the right wing of the fleet.[2] After Mark Antony's admiral Gaius Sosius launched a surprise attack on the centre of Octavian's fleet (commanded by Lucius Arruntius) and Antony and Cleopatra had escaped through a gap in the centre, Marcus Lurius joined with Agrippa to destroy most of Antony's fleet.


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