Marcus M. Pomeroy

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Marcus M. "Brick" Pomeroy was a La Crosse, Wisconsin newspaperman, editor of the La Crosse Democrat. During the American Civil War he was a Copperhead, who in an editorial called Abraham Lincoln "fungus from the corrupt womb of bigotry and fanaticism" and a "worse tyrant and more inhuman butcher than has existed since the days of Nero.... The man who votes for Lincoln now is a traitor and murderer.... And if he is elected to misgovern for another four years, we trust some bold hand will pierce his heart with dagger point for the public good."[1]

In later years, he became a leader of the Greenback Party and the People's Party/Union Labor Party of Wisconsin. During the 1880s he employed African-American journalist George Edwin Taylor as city editor of the Democrat.


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