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Marcus McLaurin
Area(s)Writer, Editor colorist, designer, illustrator

Marcus McLaurin is an American comic-book writer and editor known for developing and editing the influential Marvel Comics series Marvels.


Marc McLaurin joined Marvel as an assistant editor. He rose to become a full editor working on the Epic Comics imprint and on other Marvel projects. These included Epic's various Alien Legion limited series, its "Heavy Hitters" line of action comics by Peter David, Howard Chaykin and others, and licensed titles such as the manga Akira and filmmaker and fantasy novelist Clive Barker's Nightbreed and Hellraiser. He also edited the Razorline imprint of superheroes created by Barker for Marvel.

As a writer, McLaurin did the entire 20-issue run of the Luke Cage revival series Cage (1992–1993). He also wrote issues of The Punisher (1987–1995 series) and occasional features in Marvel Comics Presents.

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