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Marcus O'Dair is an English writer, musician/manager, broadcaster and lecturer. He is most notable for his work as part of the band Grasscut, described by Clash magazine as "genuinely daring electronica artists".[1] He is also notable for his 2015 biography of musician Robert Wyatt, a book described in the London Review of Books as "fascinating".[2]


O'Dair works as both a music lecturer and journalist.[3] He is also the author of Different Every Time: the Authorised Biography of Robert Wyatt,[4] which was published by Serpent's Tail[5][6] and features a foreword by Jonathan Coe.[7] The book was described by The Guardian as "exhaustive and affectionate",[8] and as a "meticulous and vivid account".[8] He co-compiled the accompanying compilation, released by Domino Records.[9]

As a writer, he has written for publications including The Guardian[10] and the Financial Times.[11]

O'Dair is a regular studio guest on The Freakzone (BBC 6 Music) with Stuart Maconie,[12] and in 2015 recorded an essay about swimming in the Lake District for BBC Radio 3.[13]

Along with the songwriter Andrew Phillips, O'Dair is one half of Grasscut, who have previously released two albums on Ninja Tune (1 Inch: 1/2 Mile[14] and Unearth[15]) and a third on Lo Recordings, 2015's Everyone Was A Bird.[16] The band have been described as building their reputation on "writing about situations and places, rather than standard pop songs",[17] with The Quietus reviewing Everyone Was A Bird as "that rare slab of post-rock that uses the genre's textures and general ethos of exploration to create new sounds instead of rehashing old ones".[16]

O'Dair is also a lecturer in Popular Music at Middlesex University.[18]

In 2016 O'Dair co-authored a report on the use of blockchain technology within the music industry titled Music On The Blockchain.[19]


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