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Marcus Peducaeus Plautius Quintillus (died 205) was a Roman noble closely related by birth, adoption, and marriage to the Nerva-Antonine emperors. Through his marriage to Fadilla, the daughter of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Empress Faustina the Younger, he became the brother-in-law to the future emperor, Commodus. Despite his position, he never became emperor himself. After Commodus was assassinated in 192, he fell out of favor with Septimus Severus during the Year of the Five Emperors. In 205, he committed suicide after Septimus Severus issued an order for his execution.

Early life[edit]

Plautius was the maternal grandson of Lucius Aelius, the first adoptive heir of Hadrian who had died before ascending to the throne. His maternal uncle was Lucius Verus--Marcus Aurelius' adoptive brother with whom he later jointly ruled. His mother, the noblewoman Ceionia Fabia, was at one time betrothed to Marcus Aurelius. After that arrangement was cancelled by Antoninus Pius, his mother married the consul Plautius Quintillus, Plautius' father. At some point, he was adopted as the heir of Marcus Peducaeus Stloga Priscinus, who was consul in 141. Plautius' birth name is unknown. Through his adopted father, as well as his natural father and mother, he could claim descent from families of the highest nobility. Plautius’ paternal grandfather could have been the consul and possible Roman priest Lucius Titius Epidius Aquilinus, and his paternal uncle could have been the consul Lucius Titius Plautius Aquilinus.

Antonine era[edit]

Lucius Verus's wife and Plautius' aunt by marriage was Lucilla, Marcus Aurelius' niece. when he married Fadilla, he became son-in-law to Marcus Aurelius and brother-in-law to Commodus. They had two children: a son (Plautius) Quintillus and a daughter Plautia Servilla. In 177, Plautius served as consul with Commodus and then again with Commodus at an unknown date in his reign 180-192. He was also an Augur. When Marcus Aurelius died in 180, Commodus succeeded him, and Plautius was one of his main advisers.

Year of the Five Emperors[edit]

After the assassination of Commodus, in December 192, the civil war that ensued saw 5 different men assume the throne. Plautius was not one of them. After Pertinax was murdered, the Praetorian Guard literally auctioned off the throne. Didius Julianus was the highest bidder and was emperor for 9 weeks until his own murder. As Septimus Severus advanced on Rome, Plautius' actions apparently put him out of favor with Severus.

Plautius remained a Senator and kept his country villa. In 205, Septimus Severus ordered his execution, and Plautius took his own life. It is unknown whether Fadilla was still alive then.

Nerva–Antonine family tree[edit]


Political offices
Preceded by
Titus Pomponius Proculus Vitrasius Pollio II
Marcus Flavius Aper II
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Commodus
Succeeded by
Servius Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus Orfitus
Decimus Velius Rufus