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Marcus Tomlinson is a photographer and fine art film and commercial ads director based in London. Tomlinson's work is produced in equal measure for commercial brands and clients as well as for museums and art galleries.[vague]

Tomlinson achieved note in the 1990s for his work in fashion photography with the likes of French designer Christian Lacroix and the influential British magazines i-D, The Face and BLITZ.[1] Jamiroquai and Soul II Soul are among pop artists for whom Tomlinson has shot campaigns.[citation needed] He has also collaborated with the fashion designers Hüseyin Çağlayan and Issey Miyake followed.[2]

Tomlinson directed the widely acclaimed[who?] and referenced video 'Click' for the Make Poverty History and 'One' campaign.[3] Tomlinson also shot an ad campaign for BMW 3 Series.[citation needed]

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