Marcus Valerius Messalla (consul 226 BC)

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Marcus Valerius Messalla was a Roman Republic consul in 226 BC.

Messalla was probably the son of Manius Valerius Maximus Corvinus Messalla. His year of office was employed in organising a general levy of the Italian nations against an expected invasion of the Gauls from both sides of the Alps (Zonar, viii. 19 ; Oros. iv. 13; Fasti; comp. Polyb. ii. 23).


Preceded by
Publius Valerius Flaccus and Marcus Atilius Regulus
Consul of the Roman Republic
with Lucius Apustius Fullo
226 BC
Succeeded by
Lucius Aemilius Papus and Gaius Atilius Regulus