Marcus Vettius Bolanus

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Marcus Vettius Bolanus (c. 33 – 71, in modern Italian Marco Vettio Bolano) was a Roman soldier and politician.

Bolanus served in Asia under Corbulo in AD 62 and was suffect consul in AD 66.

He became governor of Britain in AD 69 in the midst of the Year of four emperors, appointed by the short-lived emperor Vitellius. His predecessor, Marcus Trebellius Maximus, had been undermined and forced to flee by a mutiny led by Marcus Roscius Coelius, commander of Legio XX Valeria Victrix. Bolanus was joined by Legio XIV Gemina, which had been withdrawn from Britain in 67 and was still loyal to Vitellius's defeated opponent, Otho.

Bolanus had to face the second insurrection of Venutius amongst the Brigantes. Cartimandua, Venutius's ex-wife and queen of the Brigantes, had been a loyal client ruler for twenty years, and the Romans had defended her against an earlier revolt by her ex-husband. On this occasion, however, Bolanus was only able to send auxiliaries. Cartimandua was evacuated, leaving the kingdom to Venutius.

By the end of 69 Vespasian had established himself as emperor and set about restoring control. The XIVth legion was withdrawn again in 70 to help put down unrest on the lower Rhine, and Roscius Coelius was replaced as commander of XX Valeria Victrix by Gnaeus Julius Agricola. Bolanus remained as governor until 71. The poet Statius speaks of him establishing forts and capturing trophies from a British king, which suggests that he was able to reconquer some of the territory lost in the revolt. He was succeeded by Quintus Petillius Cerialis.


Preceded by
Marcus Trebellius Maximus
Roman governors of Britain Succeeded by
Quintus Petillius Cerialis