Richard Beamish Cricket Grounds

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Richard Beamish Cricket Grounds
Cork County Cricket Club (est. 1874) - - 489912.jpg
Location Cork, Ireland
Establishment 1866 (first recorded match)
As of 1 July 2012
Source: Ground profile

Richard Beamish Cricket Grounds are a cricket ground in the Mardyke, Cork, Ireland.[1] Officially named after Richard Beamish, it is generally called the Mardyke after the area where it is situated, or the Cricket Club as it is the home ground of Cork County Cricket Club.[1] The first recorded match on the ground was in 1866, when Cork County played I Zingari.[2] Some eighty years later, the ground held its inaugural first-class match when Ireland played Scotland. Two further first-class matches between the teams were held there in 1961 and 1973.[3] The Oman national cricket team has also trained in the ground.


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