Mare (band)

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Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Sludge metal
Jazz fusion
Years active 2004-2007, 2015-present
Labels Hydra Head
Associated acts Circle Takes The Square, The End (Canadian band)
Past members Tyler Semrick-Palmateer
Caleb Collins
Rob Shortil

Mare were a Canadian band from Toronto who fused sludge metal with more experimental traits such as jazz, unusual time signatures and Gregorian Chant. Mare consisted of Tyler Semrick-Palmateer[1] on vocals and guitar, Rob Shortil on bass, and Caleb Collins on drums. The first release of a demo was re-issued on Hydra Head Records [2] as an EP.[3][4] They also contributed a cover track of Night Goat on the We Reach: The Music of the Melvins compilation. In 2015, Caleb and Tyler reformed the band as a two-piece.