Mare (river)

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Rosis pont Andabre.JPG
Bridge over the Mare River at Andabre.
Country France
Basin features
Main source Massif Central
River mouth Orb River
43°35′29″N 3°7′21″E / 43.59139°N 3.12250°E / 43.59139; 3.12250Coordinates: 43°35′29″N 3°7′21″E / 43.59139°N 3.12250°E / 43.59139; 3.12250
Physical characteristics
Length 29.4 km (18.3 mi)
  • Average rate:
    4 m3/s (140 cu ft/s)

The Mare River is a river in the Hérault département of southern France, which rises in the Caroux-Espinouse hills.

The river's source is above Castanet-le-Haut in the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc. The river passes through Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare and Villemagne-l'Argentière, before joining the Orb at Hérépian.

Communes traversed[edit]

The river passes through the following communes, from source to mouth: