Mare Desiderii

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Mare Desiderii
Coordinates 33°42′S 163°30′E / 33.7°S 163.5°E / -33.7; 163.5Coordinates: 33°42′S 163°30′E / 33.7°S 163.5°E / -33.7; 163.5
Eponym Sea of Dreams

Mare Desiderii ("Sea of Dreams") was an area of the Moon named after Luna 3 returned the first pictures of the far side. This name is derived from the Russian Море Мечты, Mechta ("Dream") being the original name for the Luna 1 spacecraft.

This feature was later found to be composed of a smaller mare, Mare Ingenii (Sea of Ingenuity), and other dark craters. Today the IAU does not recognise the name Mare Desiderii.