Mare Fecunditatis

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Mare Fecunditatis
Mare Fecunditatis
Coordinates 7°48′S 51°18′E / 7.8°S 51.3°E / -7.8; 51.3Coordinates: 7°48′S 51°18′E / 7.8°S 51.3°E / -7.8; 51.3
Diameter 840 km (520 mi)[1]
Eponym Sea of Fertility

Mare Fecunditatis (the "Sea of Fecundity" or "Sea of Fertility") is a lunar mare which is 840 km in diameter. The Fecunditatis basin formed in the Pre-Nectarian epoch, while the basin material surrounding the mare is of the Nectarian epoch. The mare material is of the Upper Imbrian epoch and is relatively thin compared to Mare Crisium or Mare Tranquillitatis. This basin is overlapped with the Nectaris, Tranquillitatis, and Crisium basins. Fecunditatis basin meets Nectaris basin along Fecunditatis' western edge, with the area along this zone faulted by arcuated grabens. On the eastern edge of Fecunditatis is the crater Langrenus. Near the center lie the interesting craters Messier and Messier A.

Sinus Successus lies along the eastern edge of the mare.

Lunar nearside with major maria and craters labelled.


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