Mare Harbour

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Location of Mare Harbour, Falkland Islands.
Map of the Mare Harbour naval base.

Mare Harbour is a small settlement on East Falkland, on Choiseul Sound. It is mostly used as a port facility and depot for RAF Mount Pleasant,[1] as well as a deepwater port used by the Royal Navy ships patrolling the South Atlantic and Antarctica, which means that the main harbour of the islands, Stanley Harbour tends to deal with commercial transport.

During the 1982 Falklands War, Mare Harbour was considered as one of the potential sites for a British amphibious landing[2] but the British landings took place on San Carlos Water in the west of East Falkland, on Falkland Sound. Mare Harbour was considered open to air attack.

Mare Harbour berths will be improved with a £22 million investment.[3]

A daily bus service runs between Mare Harbour and Mount Pleasant.

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