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Marea en Badalona.JPG
Kutxi Romero at Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona.
Background information
GenresHard rock
Years active1997–present
Associated actsCalaña
WebsiteOfficial website
MembersKutxi Romero - vocals
Alen Ayerdi - drums
César Ramallo - Electric guitar
David Díaz "Kolibrí" - Electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Edu Beaumont "Piñas" - Bass

Marea are a Spanish rock band from Berriozar, Navarre formed in 1997 by Kutxi Romero. So far they have released six studio albums, a collection boxset and a live record.



In 1997, after having been a member of 9 different punk bands, Kutxi Romero decided to form a rock group.[1]

He called Alen Ayerdi - former drummer of Begira - who didn't hesitate to join Kutxi's project. He then contacted Edu Beaumont "Piñas", whom he had met one year before. Piñas hadn't played previously in any other band, but Kutxi - who was a very good friend of his - persuaded him to join as bassist. Piñas accepted and introduced Kutxi to César Ramallo, who would become one of Marea's guitarists. David Díaz, aka Kolibrí, also a guitarist, also joined the band.[1]

The band was initially called "La Patera" but as a band with the same name already existed they adopted the name Marea, that was supposed to be the title of their first album that they instead named La Patera.[1]

BMG expressed an interest in their first album and in 1999 they became Marea's first label. Their first album was released all across Spain.[1]

In 2000, due to problems with BMG they left them to join GOR. That year they released their second album: Revolcón.[1]

A year later, on 2001, they began having conflicts with GOR and they ended their contract with them. They signed a new one with Dro Records. They began working on their 3rd album, Besos de perro.[1]

Besos de Perro was released in 2002. After having played live about 200 times in approximately 3 years, they decided to take a little break from their music career and stopped touring to work on their following album.[1]

In 2004, they released their fourth album, 28000 Puñaladas. They began touring until 2005.[1]

Kutxi Romero announced in 2006 that Marea were working on their fifth album, Las aceras están llenas de piojos, which was released in 2007.[1]

Also in 2007, Marea released the boxset Coces al aire 1997-2007. It includes a CD featuring 18 of their best songs (Coces al aire), one with previously unreleased songs and alternate versions (Jaurías de perros verdes), 2 DVDs - one with all their videos and some live recording and one including a whole live concert, a picture book and a biography of the band written by the journalist J. Óscar Beorlegui.[2]

In 2008 they released Las putas más viejas del mundo, a live CD+DVD.

In 2011 they released their sixth studio album En mi hambre mando yo' mixed in Canada by Mike Fraser'.


  • La Patera (1999)
  • Revolcón (2000)
  • Besos de perro (2002)
  • 28.000 puñaladas (2004)
  • Las aceras están llenas de piojos (2007)
  • Coces al aire (2007, collection with unreleased tracks and DVD)
  • Las putas más viejas del mundo (2008, live CD + DVD)
  • En mi hambre mando yo (2011)

Compilation albums[edit]


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