Marechal Hermes

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Marechal Hermes
Marechal Hermes is located in Rio de Janeiro
Marechal Hermes
Marechal Hermes
Location in Rio de Janeiro
Marechal Hermes is located in Brazil
Marechal Hermes
Marechal Hermes
Marechal Hermes (Brazil)
Coordinates: 22°51′43″S 43°22′15″W / 22.86194°S 43.37083°W / -22.86194; -43.37083Coordinates: 22°51′43″S 43°22′15″W / 22.86194°S 43.37083°W / -22.86194; -43.37083
Country  Brazil
State Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Municipality/City Rio de Janeiro
Zone North Zone
Population (2010)
 • Total 48,061 (17,345 residences)

Marechal Hermes is a planned working-class neighborhood located in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, founded on May 1, 1913. Surrounding neighborhoods include Bento Ribeiro, Campo dos Afonsos, Deodoro and Guadalupe. It takes its name after Brazil's former president Marechal Hermes da Fonseca.

As of 2000, its HDI is 0.814; the 36th position of the city out of 126.

It contains wide avenues, a theatre, a large hospital, a big church and several schools. Many of its original inhabitants were military men in view of the army and airforce headquarters nearby in Deodoro and Campo dos Afonsos respectively.

A street in Marechal Hermes