Maredudd ab Owain ab Edwin

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Maredudd ab Owain ab Edwin (died 1072) was a prince of the kingdom of Deheubarth in south west Wales.

Maredudd was the son of Owain ab Edwin and of the line of Hywel Dda. The kingdom had been taken from this family by Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, who united almost all Wales under his rule, but on Gruffydd's death in 1063 Maredudd reclaimed Deheubarth for the original dynasty.

During Maredydd's reign the Norman conquest of south-east Wales began. After a few attempts to halt this, Maredydd decided not to resist the Norman encroachment on Gwent and was rewarded with lands in England in 1070. In 1072 he was killed in a battle by the river Rhymni. He was succeeded by his brother, Rhys ab Owain. He had one son, Gruffydd ap Maredudd, who lived in England on his father's lands there for some years before being killed trying to recapture his father's kingdom from Rhys ap Tewdwr.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
Prince of Deheubarth
Succeeded by
Rhys ab Owain