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Percussion instrument
Classification African Percussion instrument,
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Marfa (Arabic: مرفع‎, Urdu: مرفع‎) also Timki is a single hemispherical drum or percussion instrument.[1] It origins have been traced back to Africa in the findings published in American Journal of Human Genetics. The community who play the instrument the Siddis and Habshis live in Gujarat, Karnataka and Telangana.


Siddis were part of the Nizam's army and live in A.C. Guards or African Cavalry Guards. They were once part of the irregular army of the 6th Nizam, Mir Mahboob Ali Khan. They were recruited for their impressive physical strength and horsemanship. The Siddis were earlier believed to be working for the Raja of Wanparthy.


Timki is used by tribals of Madhya Pradesh, earlier it used to be an earthenware.


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