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Marfilmes is a Portuguese distributor specialized in the diffusion of Portuguese-speaking cinema from classics to moderns, dealing particularly with Portuguese-African speaking films. Recently, following an intense collaboration with the African Film Library opened the horizons of the company to classical African films of different origins and languages, Thanks to a careful restoration from the original negatives, it can now offer rare and precious titles from this continent that have not been seen for decades.

Marfilmes has a large experience within Portuguese cinema, contributing to that the years of exclusive collaboration with Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP), the state Portuguese television.

African films distributed by Marfilmes[edit]

Country Director Films Year
 United Kingdom Amy Hardie and Arthur Howes Kafi's Story 1989
 Cape Verde Ana Ramos Lisboa Amílcar Cabral 2001
 United Kingdom Arthur Howes Nuba Conversations 2000
 France Christian Lajoumard Children of Noma 2005
 Mali Falaba Issa Traoré Bamunan 1990
 Portugal Fernando Vendrell Light Drops 2002
 Guinea-Bissau Flora Gomes Mortu Nega 1988
The Blue Eyes of Yonta 1992
 Portugal and  Angola Inês Gonçalves and Kiluanje Liberdade Hope The Pitanga Cherries Grow - Tales of Luanda 2007
Tchiloli, Masks and Myths 2009
Luanda, The Music Factory 2009
 Mozambique Isabel Noronha Ngwenya, The Crocodile 2007
 Republic of the Congo Jean-Michel Tchissoukou The Wrestlers 1982
 Cameroon Jean-Pierre Dikongué Pipa Muna Moto 1975
Le prix de la liberté 1978
Funny Stories and Funny People 1983
Badiaga 1987
 Portugal Jorge António Other Moves 2003
 Cape Verde Júlio Silvão Tavares Batuque, the Soul of a People 2007
 United Kingdom Karen Boswall Marrabenta Stories 2004
 Ivory Coast Kozoloa Yeo Petanqui 1983
 Cape Verde Leão Lopes The Island of Contenda 1995
 Burundi Léonce Ngabo Gito l'ingrat 1992
 Mozambique Licínio Azevedo Water War 1995
The Bridge 2001
Disobedience 2002
Hands of Clay 2003
The Demining Camp 2005
The Great Bazaar 2006
Night Lodgers 2007
The Island of The Spirits 2010
 Brazil Luciana Hees The Blue Salon 2011
 Niger Moustapha Alassane Women Cars Villas Money 1972
Toula ou Le génie des eaux 1973
 Niger Oumarou Ganda Saitane 1973
The Exiled 1980
 Ivory Coast Roger Gnoan M'Bala Ablakon 1986
Bouka 1988
The Dipri 2009
The Niambwa People 2009
 Sweden Solveig Nordlund Nélio's Story 1998
 Portugal Teresa Prata Terra Sonâmbula 2007

Films and Filmmakers Film distributed by Portuguese Marfilmes[edit]

Director Films Year
Alberto Seixas Santos Gentle Morals 1975
Alfred Ehrhardt Portugal, A Country By The Sea 1952
António da Cunha Telles Besieged 1970
My Friends 1974
Living On 1976
Pandora 1993
Kiss Me 2004
António de Macedo The Vows 1972
Sunday Afternoon 1965
Carlos Vilardebó The Enchanted Islands 1965
Fernando Lopes The Edge of Horizon 1993
J. Ernesto de Sousa The Puppeteer 1962
João Botelho Here on Earth 1993
The Northern Land 2009
Joaquim Vieira The Last Communist 2005
Joaquim Vieira e Fernanda Bizarro Franco e Salazar - Iberian Brothers 2004
Jom Tob Azulay The Jew 1995
Jorge Brum do Canto The Song of The Earth 1938
Jorge Paixão da Costa The Mystery of Sintra 2007
Leandro Ferreira The Ones That Came Back 2002
Manuel Guimarães The Circus 1951
Nazaré 1952
Lifes Adrift 1956
My Little Seamstress 1958
The Wheat And The Tares 1965
Nicholas Oulman The man behind Amália 2009
Perdigão Queiroga The Millionaire 1962
Ricardo Costa Our Football 1984
Mists 2003
Rui Simões If You Can Look See, If You Can See Notice 2004
Solveig Nordlund Low-Flying Aircraft 2001
Teresa Villaverde In Favour of Light 2003
Vicente Jorge Silva The Unknown Islands 2008

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