Margaret à Barrow

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Portrait of Margaret, Lady Elyot, c. 1532–34 by Hans Holbein the Younger. Study for a painting now lost. Royal Collection, Windsor Castle.

Margaret à Barrow (1500–1560/69) was an English lady, well known for her learning.[1] She is sometimes referred to as Margaret Aborough (a variant of à Barrow) or as Lady Margaret Elyot.[2]

Margaret was the daughter of Sir Thomas Aborough or à Barrow and she was one of a small group of children educated at the home of Thomas More.[3][2]

Around 1520, Margaret Aborough married the author Thomas Elyot.[1][4] Margaret and Thomas sat for portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger at the home of Thomas More.[3] No oil paintings of these portraits survive. The drawings are held by the Royal Collection Trust.[4][5]

Margaret Elyot outlived Sir Thomas by nearly 15 years, and married, as her second husband, Sir James Dyer, a scholarly lawyer who became Speaker of the House of Commons.[4]


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